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East Beechwold neighborhood cleanup 2020

Open Opportunity


Positions72 Remaining
Attention- this event has been cancelled! 

I encourage everyone to pick up litter on Health Walks during this epidemic, all while keeping social distancing. We have to be the change we wish to see in the world. Please don’t let this Virus contaminate our passion for a litter free clean community! Thank You Stay Safe Friends
Sustainable Development Goals
28 Positions Filled | 2 Impacts | 295 Hours

Location: Pick up supplies @, Walgreens at the corner of Morse and High


Joanna Serio Patton wrote on April 4th, 2020

Due to the coronavirus we were instructed to cancel our event. However if you are interested in a set of trash grabbers I have a few and can lend out, I would provide a porch drop off along with some trash bags. Please clean the community during your health walks, all while keeping social distancing! Message me if you would like to participate.