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Last date was Saturday, October 19th, 2019 from 10:00am to 12:00pm (ET)


Webster Park is a city park under the auspices of Columbus Recreation and Parks, and a designated Nature Preserve.  It is maintained as a natural area, intended as a bird sanctuary and wildflower preserve.   The Friends of Webster Park is an informal organization that welcomes everyone who wants to help protect and maintain this wonderful resource.  For Earth Day we'll be concentrating on removing invasive plants to allow the profusion of wildflowers that will soon be visible.  You get to take out your aggression on invasive honeysuckle, euonymus, and ivy, to make room for all sorts of beautiful plants.  Wear clothes that can get dirty, and closed-toe shoes (no sandals).  If you have them, bring gloves, pruning clippers, loppers, pruning saws, shovels, etc.  No power tools or chemicals!  
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Teens & Older
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Children younger than teens can participate with parental supervision. However, the work involves pulling ground cover and pruning, and may not be very interesting or physically possible for younger children.
Enjoy seeing the many native wildflowers that have returned as a result of past years' work!
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Feel free to park if front of homes, but not on the Webster Park side of the street.
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Theresa Marie Thompson wrote on April 20th, 2019

We had a total of four volunteers today who worked two hours each and filled four big bags with litter, garlic mustard, honeysuckle, burning bush, euonymus, and English Ivy!
So many native species have returned: Buckeye trees, skunk-cabbage, Virginia bluebells, May-apples, purple cress, spring beauties, trout lilies, trilliums, Dutchman's-breeches, violets, Virginia waterleaf, and more!