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Driving Park neighborhood is a rich filled area with long lasting and new residents! Each team will choose an area within the Driving Park boundaries, Mooberry St. to the North Alum Creek Dr. to the East, E. Whittier St. to the South and Studer Ave. to the West  We will focus on cleaning bus stops, highway exits, ally's and provide beautification to high littered areas by planting flowers, placing art in some cases laying mulch.

teams will clean problem areas as they are discovered within these boundaries each 3rd Saturday of the month. Each month the teams will switch up and clean with different community members. Throughout the campaign we will provide the youth with incentives to create and follow through until campaign is complete. Our goal is to address each other by name at the end of our 5-month journey. This is not just a clean-up, this is a social voyage for all who attend in "Driving the Trash Out" of Driving Park!

Sat. April  21st   9am   12-noon
Sat. May  19th  10am   12-noon
Sat. June 16th  10am   12-noon
Sat. July  21st  10am    12-noon
Sat. Aug  8th   10am    12-noon

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