Earth Day Columbus

Theresa Marie Thompson
Tiko Nelson
Aaron Tayal
Theresa Marie Thompson
Shuaib A.
Steve Gilmore

Great experience, and I learned a ton! Though the app didn’t add about 30 observations that were done at Prairie Oaks when I didn’t have data and uploaded the pics later.

Gave 17.00 hours between 05/02/2021 and 05/03/2021
Steve Gilmore
Susan Moore
Taya Griffith
Tad Dritz

It is sad to see KSG go away, but great to see folks out supporting community gardens

Gave 1.00 hour on 05/01/2021
Joyce Maurer
Will Ackermann
Kim Strosnider

It was great to have a goal and a reason to document the things we see every day. Instead of just seeing a robin and dismissing it, I needed to take it's picture to make sure it was counted in the bioblitz. I also liked challenging myself to see how many things I could document along the trail, and it made me slow down and observe things that I often might overlook.

Gave 2.50 hours on 05/01/2021