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Earth Day Columbus

Tiffany Bowers
Jennifer Brex
Thomas Gannon
Manasi Pemmareddy
Aaron K Hopkins

Aaron K environmental training with Earth Day Columbus

All leadership was was very instructional and informative. Taking time to address all questions and explaining reasons why. (I had LOT'S OF QUESTIONS. There where many in our group that had their own wisdom to add to the tree planting exercise so it made it fun and not so much like work. Everybody edgar to help. Pizza was good and the parting gifts of shirt gift cards and prunners.

Did environmental training of 0.00 on 04/28/2018 with South Side Shinning
Jerry Hayes
Chris Skalski
Brian Fridenmaker
Mary Louise Hawkins
Samantha Shivener

Overall, it was a very successful clean up day. We had broken our team up into three groups to cover more of the neighborhood. In the end we had cleaned out four open lots in different parts of the neighborhood and also cleaned some of the sides streets and sidewalks. It is clear that the work we did in the neighborhood made an impact as many people we encountered throughout the event thanked us for doing what we were doing.

Made an impact on 04/22/2018
ChaChee Kent

Worked with a very nice group of people and had a sense of fulfillment in helping the community to look and feel its best.

Gave 2.00 hours on 04/22/2018
Summit Shah
Joanna Englander
Nancy Niemuth
Serenity Swafford
Caitlin Boulger
Steffi Yuka Nakashima
Shawn Hipsher